“VertolExpo” bought brands “Business-ART”

On 30th of May, 2012 occurred an event, that will become a start of a new landmark of development of the exhibition business in the region. The company “VertolExpo” bought out an exclusive privilege for holding trademarks of “Business-ART”, “Exclusive”, “Avtoformula” and “Rostov Gostepriimnyi”. Value of the transaction is confidential.
We constantly strive to improve exhibition projects and extend a line of themes of events. That is why we are interested in exhibitions “Business-ART”, - says Sergey Aleksandrovich Shamshura, the director of the CEC “VertolExpo”, - “New Projects allow us to work at uncovered themes, attract clients from other spheres of business, and of course to strengthen our positions on the exhibition market of Rostov”.
“Specialized exhibition projects: auto show “Avtoformula”, food and agroindustrial exhibition “Rostov Gostepriimnyi”, jewellery wholesale and retail exhibition “Exclusive” received honored recognition of society and specialists of the industry during 16 years of existence – comments Mark Savelevich Shulman, general director of FVC “Business-ART”, “Now they are trendy events for our city and region in whole. The Company Business-ART, that gave life and development to this project, passes its “offspring” in reliable hands of business partner in this industry. Now “VertolExpo” has all possibilities in order to realize these projects on the specialized platform, that corresponds European standards”.
“VertolExpo” continues to grow its market share. How will it be reflected on exhibitors and prosperity of the region in whole?
Despite points at issue according to this question, exhibitors win from such reorganization. If a large and strong operator in the region organizes most of exhibitions, means, business transparency, there is no aggravation of competition according to terms and competence, expenses of information search decline. The exhibitor is sure of result, particularly, reputation of the organizer meets the test of experiment of participants of dozens projects according to all branches of economic.
More than that, development of exhibition projects is a powerful stimulus of economic and cultural development of city and region, creates advantageous investment climate, and as a result, becomes a source of financial receipts to the federal budget, increasing commercial impact of the service industry (hotels, transport, public catering, leisure industry).


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