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Exhibitions 2014 г.

12/3/2014 -  12/7/2014
Exclusive Jewelries and bijouterie, interior items and antiques, collection weapon, jewelry tools and consumable materials, equipment and packaging, leather, fur.
11/20/2014 -  11/24/2014
«Health and Longevity»
Health and Longevity Exhibition – fair «Health and longevity» is the only project of this theme in the South of Russia. Due to this project thousands of people will be able to get acquainted with the latest methods of diagnostic of body condition, remedies for immunity improvement, curative cosmetics, complexes of health improving exercises and other ways of keeping of youth and well-being.
10/22/2014 -  10/24/2014
HoReCa Don. Industry of hospitality
Specialized exhibition for professional restaurant and hotel business.
10/15/2014 -  10/17/2014
Polygraphist, advertising festival
Exhibition: «ExpoBRAND», «Polygraphist» Printing equipment and printing services. Consumable materials for printing industry. The market of advertisement, advertising media, audio-, photo- and video services.
10/15/2014 -  10/17/2014
Photo exhibition
Demonstration and promotion of new photography equipment, materials and the latest technologies of image processing, printing and shooting to the regional market.
9/25/2014 -  9/28/2014
«Cottage season»
Cottage Season Exhibition – fair traditionally demonstrates products, technologies and services of high quality that are traditionally used in building and landscaping of cottages and farmland.
9/17/2014 -  9/20/2014
SouthExpoFurniture. Woodworking. Interior
The exhibition “SouthExpoFurniture”, “Woodworking”, “Interior. Comfort” is the largest in the region. It is the annual exhibition of furniture, equipment and materials for its production.
9/10/2014 -  9/12/2014
Х Industrial congress of the South of Russia
The Х-th anniversary Industrial congress of the South of Russia, combining specialized exhibitions «MetMash», «Welding» «Stankoinstrument» will take place in the CEC «VertolExpo», in Rostov-on-Don from 10th up to 12th of September 2014. During 9 years the Industrial congress is considered a leading platform in the South of Russia for demonstration of progressive elaborations in the sphere of production of equipment and tools for metallurgy and machine building; modern ways of metal processing a
6/5/2014 -  6/8/2014
The largest project of the automobile market of Rostov-on-Don «Autoformula - 2014» invites participants!
5/23/2014 -  5/28/2014
VIII Interregional exhibition « Orthodox Russia»
The exhibition “Orthodox Russia” is a church-social event, that is organized at federal, regional and international levels, serving to combine forces of the Russian Orthodox Church, secular authorities, society on preservation and development of traditional moral values of native culture, art and morality, on consolidation of Russian society.
5/16/2014 -  5/18/2014
Wedding salon
Wedding fashion, accessories, shoes, underwear, wedding make-up, evening and wedding hair styles, wedding service, travels, family vacations, figgery, jewelry.
5/16/2014 -  5/18/2014
South Russian Forum "World of Family"
4/22/2014 -  4/10/2014
From 22nd to 28th of April the CEC “VertolExpo” invites You to visit a unique event in the culturl life of the South of Russia – sales exhibition “Art-Rostov”, that will be hold for the fourth time. A wide exposition of attributes for creative work, popular craftwork items, souvenirs, interior items and also collections of masterpieces of famous painters.
4/10/2014 -  4/13/2014
Hunting. Fishing
Outfits; equipage; equipping for fishing, hunting; specialized vehicles; hunting, collector’s weapons and accessories; taxidermy.
4/10/2014 -  4/13/2014
Sport. Leisure. Extreme
Sports equipment, training simulators, inventory, outfit, clothes and footwear for sports and leisure, technical equipment for arrangement of sports halls and facilities, sports medicine and nutritional supplements.
4/3/2014 -  4/6/2014
Cottage Season
Exhibition-fair “Cottage Season” takes place twice a year and every time gathers thousands of cottagers. In spring 2013 more than 16 000 people visited the venue of the CEC “VertolExpo”. It is the largest event, that is very popular among gardeners and plantsmen of the South of Russia. Every time the exhibition fair is accompanied with eventful programme of events, organized by professional associations and participants of the exposition.
3/12/2014 -  3/15/2014
The XIX Exhibition of building technologies and materials “STIMexpo”, combining specialized sections “Building. Architecture” and “Engineering solutions” will take place from 12th up to 15th of March, 2014 in the CEC “VertolExpo”.
3/12/2014 -  3/15/2014
The exhibition project is a part of a major exposition of the building-architectural Forum “STIMexpo” and it is an universal business platform for communication of leaders and specialists of federal, territorial and municipal authorities, state and commerce organizations, which are included into the road complex with the purpose of exchange of experience, latest scientific and technological achievements, and also for conclusion of mutually beneficial contracts.
2/25/2014 -  2/28/2014
Agro-Industrial Forum of the South of Russia
Agricultural machinery, tractors, harvesters, special techniques, technology and equipment for crop husbandry, production and processing of agricultural products.
2/14/2014 -  2/15/2014
Championship of Russia on hairdressing services
ХX Championship of Russia on hairdressing services, decorative cosmetics and manicure
2/13/2014 -  2/15/2014
The largest exhibition in the South of Russia of the beauty industry “Charm” – 2014 will take place from 13th up to 16th of February. The project is a leading platform for demonstration of new cosmetic products, communication of specialists of the industry and development of professional experience of specialists.
1/10/2014 -  12/15/2013
Exhibition fair “Don Pravoslavnyi”
The exhibiotion “Don Pravoslavnui” gathers annually on its venue about 300 participants from Russia, Greece, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldau, Israel and presents all orthodox citizens and visitors of the city Rostov-on-Don a good possibility to touch holy relics and to take a part of the holiday to own house. Visitors of the exhibition can make pilgrim's journeys to Russian bethels, bow to sacraments of Holy Saints brought from other monasteries, ask for prayers, communicate gentlemen of the cloth.
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