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Exhibitor’s reference book

Download the general conditions of exhibitions of EC “VertolExpo”.

     In this section you will find more detailed information that includes the cost of participation, a list of additional services as well as information about such services as protection and security, maintenance of stands, etc.

     In the “Exhibitor’s reference book” words, given below, have the following meanings:
     "Exhibition" - an exhibition specified in the contract;
    "Exhibitor" – a legal or a physical person who has signed the contract on direct or indirect participation in the exhibition;
     "Organizer" - the exhibition operator;
    "Stand" - an exhibition module equipped with installations, furniture and electric appliances (devices); 
     "Standard equipped area" - an exhibition module of a booked space including wall panels, fascia board with an inscription, floor carpeting, equipment and furniture according to participation conditions;
     “Non-standard stand” - an exhibition module of a booked space equipped according to an individual project of an exhibitor;
     “Exposition" - advertising materials and signs, exhibits and other property of the exhibitor delivered to a stand and answering to the purposes of an exhibition.

Exhibition organizer
      The office of the exhibition organizer is open throughout the preparation period. If you have any questions regarding your participation, please contact:
EC “VertolExpo”, 30 Mikhaila Nagibina ave., 2nd floor, Administration
Rostov-on-Don, 344068, Russia
Tel. / fax: (863) 268-77-68, 268-77-89

Exhibition area and its’ characteristics
     Exhibition area is closed or open territory where exhibitions pass.
     Exhibition center “VertolExpo” has 15 000 sq.m. of open space as well as 8 500 sq. m. of closed one. Technical characteristics of pavilion, which has the area of 7 100 sq.m., correspond to the latest international standards:
 - Modern systems of electro- and water supply (supply with hot and cold water on a stand is provided).
 - Air-conditioning, preparation, clearing and giving of compressed air to a stand.
 - Means of fire protection.
 - There are gates with dimensions 5,5x5,5 m. for entrance of large-sized techniques.

The infrastructure includes:
 - The modern Congress-hall, including the congress hall on 500 places and 5 conference halls with the capacity from 30-500 people.
 - The restaurant, designed to service more than 300 people. It offers ample opportunities of carrying out coffee breaks, receptions and banquets;
 - The hotel (6 floors) including 12 suites and 114 double rooms corresponding to all set hotel standards.
 - The convenient parking accommodating over 100 cars.


     “Exhibits’ are subjects, goods or rights to intangible property which are exposed on the exhibition space provided by the organizer, declared and corresponded to the list of exhibition products.
      Exhibits, registered by exhibitor for presentation on an exhibition, should correspond to the subject of given exhibition. The information of exhibited products, as well as the profile of the exhibitor, sublessee and co-exhibitors indicated in the application for participation and must be complete, accurate and truthful.
     The price shouldn’t be indicated on an exhibit. An exhibitor shall take into account that exhibitions are designed for negotiations and not to sell goods and services.
Import and export of exhibits is carried out on the basis of the filled Act on importation and exportation of equipment (Form 14) which must be provided not later than 30 days prior to the beginning of the exhibition to the Manager of Technical department of EC “VertolExpo”.
EC “VertolExpo” 30 Mikhaila Nagibina ave., 2nd floor, Administration
Rostov-on-Don, 344068, Russia
Tel. / fax: +7 (863) 268-77-68, 268-77-72

     If the exhibitor evacuates his exhibits later than 1 day after the end of the exhibition, the organizer will reserve the right to expose an account on the payment of expanses of warehousing and storage of exhibits. Export of exhibits is forbidden during the exhibition.

Intellectual property
      Intellectual property is a legal concept covering the copyright, rights concerning activities of performers, sound recording, radio- and television broadcasts, invention and patent right, the right to a discovery, the rights to industrial samples, trade marks, company (firm) names and commercial designations, protection against unfair competition, as well as all other rights concerning intellectual activity in the field of manufacturing, science, literature and art.
      The use of objects of intellectual property within the limits of mutual relations of the parties on the exhibition organization by the Exhibitor is carried out in following directions:
 - Placing on the advertising medium (in an exhibition catalog, banner, poster, etc.) trade marks, logos, brand names of the Exhibitor;
 - Placing in conference’s thesis copyright articles, reports and other original works submitted by an Exhibitor;
 - Placing the advertising medium visual objects of copyright and related rights (including copyright items of advertising manufactures);
 - The use of audiovisual works for exhibition advertising;
 - Other possible variants for use of intellectual property by agreement of the parties.

     The Exhibitor should posses the right to use intellectual property by virtue of their creation and / or on the contract basis.
     The use of intellectual property directly by the Exhibitor (also within its stand) is carried out independently without any coordination with the Organizer. The Exhibitor undertakes to provide at his own expense all the rights of authors and the claims of creditors in connection with the use of intellectual property within the participation in the exhibition. The Exhibitor undertakes to use only licensed software on the PC.
     We recommend carrying the appropriate licenses or certified copies.

     Advertising is information extended in any form, by any means about physical or legal person, goods, ideas and initiatives (advertising information) which is intended for an indefinite number of persons and urged to form or support an interest to these physical, legal persons, goods, ideas and initiatives as well as to facilitate the sale of goods, ideas and initiatives.
     In implementing the advertising campaign within the participation in the exhibition the parties are guided by the RF Law “About Advertisement”.
      The responsibility for the content and accuracy of promotional materials, sent by the Exhibitor to the Organizer, is borne by the Exhibitor.
      If the activities of the Exhibitor and / or the goods are subject to licensing, the Exhibitor provides the Organizer with the license and the certificate (or certified true copies) together with the transfer of promotional materials without fail.
      The license number and the name of the issuing body must be specified in promotional materials.
Advertising of goods which are subject to obligatory certification must be marked as “subject to obligatory certification”.
      The Exhibitor has the right to advertise their products only within the rented booth. The advertising of any kind, conducted in the rented booth or outside its limits (for example, showing the mechanism in action, film screening, musical performances and fashion show) must be agreed with the Organizer.
        The coverage of the Exhibitor’s activity during the exhibition in the television media (TV plots) deals only by the Organizer under the additional agreement with the Exhibitor. In the case of self-invited film crew the Exhibitor shall pay an additional accreditation for media representatives.
       The Organizer reserves the right to restrict or prohibit advertising despite the promise of pre-authorization if it makes noise, dust, toxic emissions, vibration threatens the safety of visitors or if it obstructs or hinders the work of the exhibition. Noise level must not overstep the limits of the stand according to effective standards of health protection from adverse action of noise and vibration (limit 70 dB) in order to attract visitors and professionals to the exhibition, your stand and to participate in the pre-stand program. The Organizer assumes the obligation to provide advertising campaign during the preparation and holding the exhibition. The advertising campaign may include the following:
 - sound, light and print ads in mass media
 - visual advertising materials in transport, on the streets, billboards, tents and banners.

Download the general articles of the manual:
Download the forms:
Form 1 – an application-agreement
Form 2 – an application-agreement (correspondence participation)
Form 3 – an application on design exclusive exhibition stand
Form 4 – an application on individual design of standard stand
Form 5 – an application on providing with energy- and water supply services
Form 5a – an application on additional services
Form 6 - an application on providing add. equipment and services
Form 6a – an application on providing additional equipment and services
Form 7 - an application on sound and multimedia equipment
Form 8 - an application on providing services
Form 9 - an information for the catalog
Form 10 – an application on providing advertising and PR-services
Form 11 – the order form of the lay-out for polygraphy
Form 12 – a letter of attorney
Form 13 – the order of badges
Form 14 – the Act of equipment importation and exportation
Form 15 – the set of stands of standard lay-out
Form 16 – the examples of exhibition equipment
Form 17 – the Act of registration of technical department
Form 18 – the Act of surrender of stands under the security
Form 19 – an application on booking the hotel
Form 20 – the order form on booking the congress halls
Form 21 – an application on customs processing

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