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Every our project is a special event, the result of professional team work rallied for one purpose: to create an effective way to advance your ideas. We produce a maximum of efforts to organize a comfortable environment for fruitful business contacts. You just need to be in the right place at the right time.




EC “VertolExpo” is the leading exhibition center in Rostov-on-Don 


In Rostov-on-Don Exhibition Center “VertolExpo” organizes about 30 exhibitions a year gathering at its site more than 3 000 exhibitors and about 100 00 visitors annually.
For over 10 years exhibitions, organized by EC “VertolExpo”, open the southern region’s market for domestic and foreign companies and allow Don producers to represent their products and services to our Russian colleagues and foreign partners. The company develops partnership with Turkey, Britain, Germany, France, Greece, Israel, the Czech Republic and it is an operator of interregional ties at the Administration of Rostov region.
The high recognition of our specialists has become the membership of EC “VertolExpo” in the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs, and receiving the mark of quality for the program “100 best goods of Russia”, as well as the membership in the International Association of Exhibition Industry (UFI). 

Congress-exhibition center “VertolExpo” is 23 600 sq.m. of useful information



International projects of EC “VertolExpo” are: Agro-salon “Interagromash”, building-architectural forum “STIMExpo”, an exposition of the largest producers in furniture and woodworking industry “Southexpofurniture”, exhibition of church attributes and products of orthodox manufacturers “Orthodox Russia”, an exposition of sports and active recreation goods “Hunting. Fishing” and “Sports. Recreation. Extreme”, an exhibition of beauty industry “Charm”. They have become the leading events in corresponding branches of the Southern Russia’s economy.
Innovative engineering solutions of indoor exhibition halls with the total area of 8 600 sq.m. fully meet the increasing demands of exhibition business, allow completing the most ambitious projects of our exhibitors, to hold vivid presentation programs and promotion.
15 000 sq.m. of outdoor exhibition areas in EC “VertolExpo” make possible carrying out scale events, demonstrations of large-sized techniques and multi-tiered constructors.

Team of CEC “VertolExpo”: aspiration to development


The team of EC “VertolExpo” is young, talented and active, it is distinguished by aspiration to introduce innovative and approaches in work, to develop their knowledge. At the same time we work with people who stood at the beginning of exhibition business in our city. They are qualified professionals with extensive professional experience.
Therefore the activity of CEC “VertolExpo” is a combination of innovative solutions and non-standard ideas in exhibitions organization with debugged mechanism of work with exhibitors. The basic principle of the company is to comply with interests of our partners – exhibitors and visitors of exhibitions.
CEC “VertolExpo” performs a full cycle of exhibition service: from design a concept of an exhibitor’s participation in an event, marketing and promotional support of the project to construction and design of expositions. 

CEC “VertolExpo”: prospection




Meeting the growing needs of the market in business tourism – one of the leading areas of potential tourist development in Rostov region – CEC “VertolExpo” constantly improves its material and technical base.
Until 2015 the total area of indoor and outdoor exhibition space of the center will increase in 3 times and will reach almost 60 000 sq.m. To realize more ambitious projects it is planned to build two covered pavilions with an area of 10 000 sq.m. each one. Desiring to create the most favorable conditions for efficient and comfortable work of its exhibitors and visitors, CEC “VertolExpo” plans to replenish its own infrastructure with one ultra-modern congress center, hotel, banquet hall and multi-storey car park.
The erection of these exhibition constructions will become a supposition Rostov-on-Don positioning as an international business center, will provide ample opportunities for domestic enterprises to enter the European market and their fruitful cooperation with foreign partners.

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Our telephone:+7 (863)280-07-18

E-mail: international@vertolexpo.ru  


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